Why we are better.

After 15 years of combined experience with a national captive carrier, the founders of TrebleStone thought there had to be a better business model for the consumer. Representing one company left agents cutting coverages to meet price points and selling products to advance the corporate agenda. They wanted freedom for themselves and their customers. So in 2020, TrebleStone was born.

To accomplish our mission of providing customers a fresh risk management experience with the heart of a teacher, we contracted with over 20 carriers to provide consumers the freedom of choice you would expect from a friend. We hire our agents based on their ability to listen, teach and above all else their ability to love our customers; providing a white glove experience with the heart of a servant.

We truly believe you will not experience our needs based approach to insurance with any other agency out there.

Our Process

TrebleStone works a little differently than most insurance agencies. The days of calling every agent in town to compare quotes from Allstate, Nationwide, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, etc.. are gone! At TrebleStone we have combined all carriers under one roof so we can do the comparing for you. With one call, email or text, the beauty of doing business in the 21st century, you can compare rates from over 20 carriers depending on the product.

Marrying old school with new school

You not only get ease of use that comes with technology, you also have an assigned 'Insurance Professional' to make sure things are covered properly on the front end, so that you get the money you need come claim time. Our Mission: to provide insurance planning with the heart of a Teacher, so you know what you are paying for; freedom of choice with the heart of a Friend, we'll never twist your arm to buy something you don't need; and white glove customer service with the heart of a Servant.

Long story short...

Whether it is Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, coverage for your business or anything in-between, what do you have to lose by getting a free coverage review?

Let's work together

Our team is excited to put you in a better insurance situation. Whether that is saving money, better coverage or both, experience the TrebleStone difference today!