Is there more to auto insurance than just protecting my vehicle?

When it comes to auto insurance most people think its sole purpose is protecting your vehicle. While this is one major component, the most valuable aspect of your auto insurance is its ability to protect your most valuable asset...your paycheck!

You're probably wondering "how does it do that?".

Well, imagine you're cruising down the road after picking the kids up from school, it is a nice sunny day, your oldest made an A on their math exam and everything is great. As they are ignoring your inquiries about their day *rolling their eyes at mom's questions*, you receive a text. In a split second, you look down at your phone, and you fail to notice the car in front of you coming to a complete stop- WHAM! Now all of a sudden your great day has been interrupted by a minor inconvenience.

This minor inconvenience can stay "just an inconvenience" as long as you are protected properly. As stated before - your car can be towed for free and fixed for a small fee (your deductible) - but what happens if the other party is injured? This is where your "inconvenience" can become a catastrophic financial loss if your agent didn't protect you properly. In the event the other party is injured, this is where your lawsuit protection (liability) kicks in. But if you do not have adequate limits, their medical bills, the cost of fixing their vehicle, emotional trauma, and any time they miss from work can fall squarely on your shoulders! It can add up quickly and result in court-ordered liquidation of assets or even wage garnishments (a portion of your paycheck automatically goes to them) to help make the other party whole again.

This is why liability is the MOST important aspect of your auto insurance. Having proper liability limits is the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major financial catastrophe.

If you aren't sure what your lawsuit protection limits are, what they mean, or how you even chose them, please give us a call today! One of our agents will give you a free insurance review to make sure your assets and income are properly protected.

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Auto Insurance Should

Protect your money

Lawsuit protection is the most affordable and important portion of your auto insurance. Let's make sure you aren't forced to liquidate assets, or subjected to wage garnishment due to not having proper coverage.

Fix your vehicle

In the event your vehicle is damaged we want to make sure you have prompt roadside assistance, a rental car to get you home, and make sure your vehicle is repaired by an approved body shop.

Protect you against drivers without insurance

Statistically, for every five vehicles you pass on the road, one of them is not insured. Who is going to cover your medical bills and fix your vehicle when they hit you?

Our experience with Treblestone has been amazing. The ability to shop for the best coverage, rate, and service simultaneously can’t be matched by the other insurance carriers we spoke with. They have done our home, auto, and life and we have found the best combination of coverage and price for all types of insurance.

- Katie Dunigan

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